Review the information below to learn a little more about Humboldt and West Tennessee. We will also provide a few links to our area Chambers of Commerce offices.

About Humboldt

Humboldt is a city that commutes to other population centers for employment yet also finds commuters coming into our workplaces…industrial, retail, healthcare, entertainment, tourism, and education. Humboldt has a pre K-12 based education system… also the Humboldt Higher Education Center houses four institutions (Jackson State Community College, Tennessee Technology Center, University of Tennessee at Martin, University of Memphis).

Regarding the retail environment, Humboldt has a unique mix of national chains (Walmart, Goody’s, Catos, Dollar General, Fred’s and others) along with a number of locally owned specialty shops (a gift shop, a shoe store, a “birding” craft shop, several restaurants with family recipes, antique and auction center and many others that provide a diverse and closely knit networking system.

Click here to visit the Humboldt Chamber website.

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